Snakes in the Philippines

Wherever you are in Philippines, there is a good chance that you might meet one of the many species of snakes that live here in the Philippines.  There are many, many species of snakes in Philippines, including sea snakes, cobras, pythons, venomous and non-venomous snakes.  It can sometimes be very difficult to know which snakes are actually dangerous and which snakes are not dangerous.  Typically, in nature, any creature that is poisonous (or venomous) has warning colours such as red and black stripes or yellow and black stripes, but of course, that is not always the case.

With snakes, people generally do not use the word 'poisonous'.  The snakes themselves are not actually poisonous; so the meat of a snake can usually be eaten without risk.  Snakes that use poison actually create the poison, bite and then inject it into the victims, so for this reason we say either 'venomous snakes' for those that are able to use poison or 'non-venomous snakes' for snakes that do not have poison.

Please use the green buttons above to find a list of venomous snakes in Philippines and a list of non-venomous snakes in Philippines to identify any snakes that you have seen, or click any of the other buttons that provide useful information about snakes here in the Philippines.