Leyte Cat Snake (venomous)

Boiga angulata

This species in endemic to the Philippines where it has been recorded from the island of Catanduanes, Inampulugan, Leyte, Samar, Luzon, Mindoro, Lubang, Mindanao, Negros, Cebu, Polilo Islands, Bohol and Panay. This species are usually found between sea level and 2,500m above sea level. They are found mostly in lowland and montane tropical moist forest but also recorded in disturbed habitats.


Scales in 19 longitudinal rows at the mid-body; loreal present; preocular reaches upper surface of head; posterior chain shields tend to be smaller that the anterior pair, dark brown crossbars on the dorsum expands on sides and extend onto ventrals, lighter blotches sanddle-shaped, series of discrete spots present along lateral edge of ventrals, usually not forming a continuous line. Like other species of the genus Boiga, this species is also venomous type of snake but fatality of the venom is not yet documented.