Common Wolf Snake (non-venomous)

Common Wolf SnakeLycodon capucinus

This is a species of colubrid snake which is commonly found in the Indo-Austrian Archipelago. In the Philippines, it is reported in the island of Bohol, Bantayan, Cebu, Cuyo, Leyte, Luzon, Pampanga, Masbate, Mindanao, Mindoro, Negors, Palawan, Panay and Samar. This species is named after their enlarged front teeth, which give them a muzzled appearance similar to canines and makes the snout somewhat more squarish that other snake. This species is non-venomous but it is quite a nervous snake when picked-up or handled and will not hesitate to bite. When they feel threatened, they will move their tail in a to and fro motion like the rattle snake. Being a nocturnal animal, they are usually active during the night but it is also observed during the daybreak. Most captive specimen became tame after some time and proper handling. In the wild, this species feeds mainly on small lizards such as geckos and they are also among the top predators of skinks. They also eat small frogs if available.


It is slender-bodied small snake that ranges from barely three feet to less than one meter. The color of this species ranges from brown, weakly banded with white or pale yellow. The head is brown, and there is a distinctive pale yellow band at the neck. Lip scales are pale yellow and the belly white. There is also a distinct white coloration around its neck. Color patterns vary from one geographic location to another.