Colubrine or yellow-lipped sea krait

Yello Lipped Sea KritLaticauda colubrina

This species of sea snake originated in the region of the Northern Papua New Guinea. They are mostly found in warm, tropical climates in oceanic, coastal waters. Most of them are found off the shore and often hide in small crevices or under rocks. Primary, they inhabit in shallow reef areas where there primary food source resides. They spend most of their lives in the ocean but spend anywhere on rocky islet to mate, lay eggs, digest food and lay skin. They can also be found in the mangrove and seagrass areas. Divers often encounter this kind of sea snake. Like other sea snakes and terrestrial animals, this species will not attack man/other animals unless threatened. But interestingly, they are venomous type of snake.


This species have an alternation of gray and black color in the body with twenty to sixty-five black bands form rings around the body. They have yellow upper lip and their head are mostly black with yellow bond extending along the lip underneath the eye. Sexual dimorphism is apparent in this species wherein females are typically larger than males.