Brahminy Blind Snake, Flower Pot Snake

Brahminy Blind SnakeRamphotyphlops braminus

This is one of the world’s smallest snakes which rarely exceed 20cm in length. They are very common but rarely seen species. They are usually found under logs, moist leaves and humos in wet forest, dry jungle and sometimes in city gardens. The snake was believed to be introduced in Florida in the soil of imported plants and was being moved that way around the different parts of the world, thus the name “flower pot snake”. Distribution ranges throughout Southeast Asia, and has populated other parts of the world including Middle East, Africa and United States. Diet includes eggs, larvae and pupae of ants and termites.


Body colouration ranges from black to brown in adults and juveniles. Head and tail-tip are indistinct. Eyes are only small dot-like remnants under the scale. Scales are smooth and shiny. This snake is frequently mistaken for earthworm. Though they are both shiny, but if you look closely into it, worms have segmented body and have a slow movement as supposed to Brahminy blind snake which is not segmented and has a somehow quick movement. Its tongue is stuck out when held.