Banded Malaysian Coral Snake, Striped Coral Snake

Banded Malaysian Coral SnakeMaticora intestinalis

Distribution of this species ranges from southern Thailand to the Philippines and Sulawesi, Indonesia. They can be encountered from primary and secondary tropical moist forest, as well as from town gardens and agricultural fields. This species was observed to hunt frogs during daytime and blind snakes. This species is fairly common, however they are rarely seen. This is due to its secretive habitats that account for the lack of sightings.


It reached up to 22cm; tail round and ventral scales distinct. There are thirteen rows of dorsal scales at mid-body wherein the body have three shields between the eyes. Anal scale entire, vertebral row of scales not enlarged. Under surface of the tail is bright red, bared with black and the remainder of the ventral surface being barred black and white. The color is generally brown above with a ventral row of red between rows and black scales.